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An Australian owned Business incorporating Australian made, natural and ethically produced products with healing modalities. Our goal is to empower people to make healthy choices for themselves, their family, their homes, their community and for the earth that we inhabit.

Australian Made

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I have been using this ever since my mum gave it to me as a gift several years ago. It feels so soothing first thing in the morning especially in summer when I keep it in the fridge. Highly recommended!! (Cucumber and green tea eye gel).


Best face and hand cream for dry skin.

I had a break from using the cucumber day and night cream, while I tried brands that were available from the local shops. They were good too but for me, nothing beats the cucumber cream. I’m so glad I’ve started using it again. Skin on my face and neck feels softer and younger in texture. My dry skin simply loves it. Also, my hands were starting to look 10 years older than my years, but now with the skin rescue and the cucumber cream, they are much less haggard!

Jenny D

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent this candle gives out! Sandalwood is great because it isn’t a sickly sweet smelling scent. It is the only candle scent I will burn. Thank you for this product.

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