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Cassarne Egan

Chiaressence – Light Your Inner Essence

A vibrational therapist with 20 years experience, Cassarne offers a selection of sessions for those in need of Balance, Restoration and Rejuvenation. Utilising the practices of colour therapy, crystal healing, sound therapy and meditation, Cassarne will tailor a session to the needs of the client for their wellbeing in a gentle nurturing sanctuary of healing and relaxation.


Your session will include the “living energies” of the Aura Soma Colourcare System, which will be selected to support, nourish and activate the vibrational healing aspects of the self on an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual levels.


Aura Soma supports you in awakening to new possibilities and aligning to your authentic self. It may help you gain clarity and insight, move through difficulties with greater ease, and find more balance on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of self.


Access the dynamic, living energies of nature and colour consciousness through Aura Soma and:


• Feel more centred and relaxed

• Rediscover your enthusiasm for life

• Improve your daily interactions, connections and relationships

• Discover new tools to meet life’s challenges

• Learn to appreciate and value yourself

• Bring more love and caring to your everyday living

• Rebalance and revitalise

• Transform and open to new possibilities


Chiaressence Vibrational Treatments to Nurture Relax & Heal the Self:


• Aura Soma Colour Reading/Consultation – $140 (includes personal therapeutic bottle)

• Chakra Massage (1.5hrs) – $150.00 Chakra Balance (1 hr) – $140



Cassarne conducts two regular meditation groups each week, which are held Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm and Thursdays 10.30-11.30pm. Enquiries can be made with Cassarne – 0400 389 397 or with Equilibrium – 02 4861 6333.

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