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Jackson Collings

“My intention is to help you to awaken your own healing power, to assist in the rediscovery of the peace and stillness within you and to provide the opportunity for you to experience and connect with the inner light and unique beauty of your Being.”

Kahuna Body work is a holistic massage therapy for body, mind and spirit. Bringing together effective massage techniques with mediative relaxation, Kahuna provides the opportunity to let go into deep inner peace and enable the bodies natural healing to activate.With massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage, deep tissue work, fascia release used in conjunction with mediative breath work and deep relaxation; Kahuna massage promotes the activation of the para-sympathetic nervous system. This enhances the functioning of all of the bodies physical healing mechanisms and activates the bodies innate wellbeing. Each Kahuna massage is unique and tailored to the individual.

Benefits may include

-Pain relief

-Increased circulation

-Increased flexibility


-Stress relief

-Mental peace and stillness

-Emotional balance

-Increased Self belief

-deep states akin to meditation

-personal insight

-Increased sense of love for oneself

-Spiritual awakening

“After every massage with Jackson I feel renewed and refreshed- I walk out feeling like a new woman.His massages are transformational and deeply healing.If you are seeking profound peace and rejuvenation, his massages will touch your soul”


“Every cell in my body simply loves the kahuna massage I receive from Jackson, he is an awesome bodyworker with the ability to be strong and powerful but also soft and sensitive – a true healer.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants the transformative experience of kahuna massage!”


Bringing together his skills and knowledge in Kahuna Bodywork, Lomi Lomi massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Holistic Life Coaching, Kungfu, Qigong healing, and Taoist spiritual practices; Jackson provides uniquely powerful transformational bodywork experience, specialising in taking his clients into deep and profound states of relaxation and peace in which healing can occur.

“My intention is to help you to more fully activate your own healing power, to assist in your rediscovery of the peace and stillness within you and to provide the opportunity for you to experience and connect with the inner light and unique beauty of your Being.”


Price list

1hr   – $100

1.5hr- $150

2hr   – $200

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