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Aromatherapy essential oils have a variety of benefits that can help you with your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, which can be truly life changing.

Essential oils over the last couple of years have become very popular and have many uses and benefits including;  in the beauty and skin care industry, as a lot of essential oils have benefits to your skin, are useful in home made cleaning products, can balance hormones, improve immunity and speed illness recovery, have many benefits when used for diffusing and natural air cleansing, and topically (when diluted). 

At Equilibrium Natural Collections we stock a wide range of affordable 100% pure essential oils that can be used for massage, in body oils, in beauty and hair products, in cleaning products and homemade bug spray and in oil burners or electric diffusers.  

All our oils are the highest quality organic and/or steamed distilled natural oils that yocan get. Our prices are inexpensive because we source and bottle the oils ourselves, making the price more affordable for you, while retaining the quality. 

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