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Crystal Equilibrium is the Australian crystal online shop of  Equilibrium Natural Collections, a crystal shop and natural product shop and healing centre in Bowral NSW. Our Crystal range  in our online crystal shop Crystal Equilibrium gives you the opportunity to buy crystals in Australia from a trusted source. Our crystals are hand picked and the selection is World class. Inga the owner of Crystal Equilibrium lovingly hand picks each piece of crystal and is very lucky to work with Australian Crystal suppliers that travel the world in search of their stock. I am very lucky to have a crystal supplier who has family mines in Brasil and Bolivia and also another Crystal supplier who has private invitations to small crystal mines in Brasil. This makes for an incredible selection of divine AAA quality crystals and of course an Abundance of incredible Amethyst! All of Crystal Equilibrium’s crystal stock is cared for and cleansed and ready for you to take home.
We sell everything from large incredible crystal pieces for collectors, crystal caves, an amazing selection of crystal specimens for the collector (which is one of our specialties),  rarer crystal specimen pieces, unusual crystal wands and crystal jewelry, beautiful stock of crystal angels, large clear quartz generators, crystal pyramids,crystal hearts, small crystal clusters,crystal spheres and crystal skulls and crystal tumbles galore. Our crystal tumbles include many rarer crystal stones in more affordable sizes.
I am extremely proud of our growing crystal Australia collection and enjoy talking about crystals. Please call or email us here at Equilibrium if you are after something special.
Crystal ciitrine caves, Crystal amethyst caves, real citrine, selenite, shungite for water, shungite pyramids, rose quartz spheres, crystal tumbles, clear quartz generators, carnelian hearts, selenite logs,amethyst clusters, zodiac kits. crystal wands, copper rod wands, copper specimens, turquoise specimens,

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