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We love the Famous Meditation Range!

The Meditation Range is an extremely popular Australian range. This range is a blend of 12 essential oils made into a variety of products. These products include the unique roll-on  perfume, fragrant burner oil, meditation candles, meditation incense, massage oils and  other beautiful products.

What oils are in the Meditation Range Products?

The meditation range is a blend of the 12 essential oils : Lavender, Bergamot, nutmeg, cedarwood, oakmoss, benzoin, frankincense, ylang ylang, orange, tolu balsam, bay, patchouli.

The essential oils are of a high quality and are diffused in a natural carrier oil making a very high quality product.

The unique and rich aroma promotes a sense of calm that is perfect for you to wear as your daily fragrance, to use in a meditation room, to fragrance the home or as a subtle calming scent in any office space.

Lets take a look at The Meditation Range!

Customers love the Meditation roll-on perfume and this is the most popular product in the range. This lovely perfume is warm and rich with a deep seductive aroma. The Perfume Balm is the other popular way to wear the Meditation fragrance as your signature scent, this balm comes in a large glass tub.

The burner oil can be used in any diffuser and oil burner and is also wonderful for in the bath!

The candles come in 3 sizes. The large one is a beautiful size for any meditation room.

The  incense is of the highest quality and is very popular, with an amazing scent throw.

This Range of beautiful products is a unique Australian range that has been around for over 30 years .

Posting the Meditation Range Products to our customers.

The meditation range can be shipped by us all over Australia and overseas.

Remember our over $50.00 free post Australia wide and also that our Australia Post App will calculate Overseas postage.

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