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Organic and natural cleansers and exfoliants are an important skin care products to use in your daily beauty routine. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, cleansing and exfoliating is one the of the most important steps to keep your face look clean, hydrated and balanced.

At Equilibrium Natural we know that everyones skin is different and that in summer and winter your skin needs skin care tailored for the season. This is why we have two organic and natural facial cleansers. Our Creamy Cucumber Cleanser is perfect for mature and dry skin and for all skin types  to use in the winter months when your skin needs more moisture.

Our Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Pumice Exfoliant has the double action of being a cleansing milk and exfoliant. At Equilibrium Natural we know the importance of using a gentle exfoliant that will lift away surface impurities and make up while scrubbing off accumulated dead skin cells,  leaving the skin clean, hydrated and smooth.

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