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The best organic and natural face care range. At Equilibrium Natural Collections we pride ourselves in knowing that we have designed and produced a 100% natural and organic skin care range that is all Australian made, combines natural and organic ingredients making our skin care free of fragrances, toxins and parabens. Our organic and natural skin care products have been specifically formulated with the finest plant derived ingredients, certified organic extracts and pure essential oils.  Our organic and natural face care range combines products that will nurture, protect and to soothe, hydrate and tone your skin. Our face care range has been designed so that it suits any skin type and age group. We have combined facial toners, moisturisers, cleansers and exfoliants and facial oils to create the best skin care routine for all skin types including ; Normal, oily/impure, acne prone skin, dry/mature skin and teenage/hormonal skin. You can buy all of our skin type packs here 


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