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“Hi Tilly! I just want to say a big thank you for your amaizing products! After being patient and persisting for a while I have seen some good results with my redness, it has gone down finally! It’s not all gone yet but I have noticed improvements and that’s thanks to your products! Thank you heaps and I will be back to get more when I run out!! Xxx”

– Jaimie

“The five reasons why I love using Equilibrium Natural Collections organic and natural skin care products. 1. No hidden nasty’s – all products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals. 2. Vast range of products, Equilbirum products catering for all aspects/parts of the body from head to toe. 3. Ingredients are 100% natural and organic – so I know I’m not applying anything on my skin thats going to harm it but rather acts as a natural remedy. 4. Extremly reasonable price for the amount of cream you receive within the beautiful packaging and the results you achieve. 5. The results!! Equilibrium products leave my skin feeling intensely moisturised and hydrated for a clear complexion.”

– Holly

“The five reason why I love Equilibrium skin care;

  1. It’s entirely natural which is not only good for me but good for the planet
  2. I have my skin care routine done within 3 minutes
  3. the cleanser removes all makeup eliminating the need for harmful makeup remover
  4. Cucumber day and night cream has cleared by rosacea
  5. The cucumber cleanser will relieve sunburn, rashes, skin irritation as well as hydrating and keep my skin soft.”

– Elly

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