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Its Time To Change Your Beauty Routine: Winter Beauty Saviours

Winter is here which means our skin starts to loose its summer glow and we need winter saviours to soften the skin and keep you looking smooth and cheerful until spring rolls around again.

My skin dreads the first day of winter, I am one of those people who struggles with the chilly winds, indoor heating and those extra layers…lets just say my face and neck and chest area and pretty much my whole body gets a beautiful red tomato look. And yes no one has ever said they like to look like a tomato when they are sitting eating dinner at a sushi train, yes this has happened to me! So what do I do to combat the dry, red and dull looking skin of winter? I have listed all the products I use to help me get through the winter months.


In Summer I use our Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser, because in summer a gel cleanser feels great because it mops up the excess sweat and sebum but in the drier months of winter I use our creamy cucumber cleanser, because it does not strip the natural oils from my skin but instead soothes and hydrates while cleansing.


Oh the dreaded dull looking skin of winter…I’m sure we are all familiar with this. When your skin is dry it has difficulty shedding dead skin cells, making it look dull. The winter months is the time to step up the exfoliation process, which will keep the dryness at bay and tackle the uneven pigmentation from the summer months. I use our Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Pumice Exfoliant, because of its double action of being a cleansing milk and exfoliant it is not too rough on the skin. It is important to have a gentle exfoliant because overdoing it can leave your complexion even drier. I use the exfoliate at night before I cleanse my face.


This will  ready the skin for serums and creams by increasing its absorbency. Our  Hydrating Toning Gel is a deeply hydrating toner that plumps out your skin cells and reduces redness and puffiness. This natural skin care product is to be applied underneath your organic face cream daily to remove redness, clarify the skin, soothe the eye area and hydrate even the driest of skins. Yes it is one extra step in your beauty routine but its a quick step and will really help your skin during winter. Apply after cleansing and before you apply your face cream.

Add A Moisture Boost

The winter months always means drier skin, as the humidity drops it means the air sucks more moisture from our skin. This means it is time two swap your light weight creams from a richer cream. In winter we always suggest you either use our Cucumber Day and Night Cream or our Rose Restore Cream, which are packed full of natural and organic oils, butters and extracts that are all powerful hydrators and will create a protective barrier against the elements and prevent water loss. Hydration is key for optimising skin plumpness and glow.

Use Rose Hip Oil At Night

I use our Organic Rose Hip Oil at night time instead of applying a face cream. I cleanse my face and then massage a few drops of rose hip oil on slightly damp skin, there is no need to dry your face afterwards. This allows your skin to repair, rejuvenate and breath while you sleep. Rose Hip oil contains antioxidants to protect the skin from premature ageing and environmental damage.

My Saviour For Winter

Is our Skin Rescue! As I mentioned before I get really red skin in winter and this is the product I use to calm my skin and to reduce the redness.This natural remedy is best used daily to soothe and heal and to reduce itchiness and redness and it is recommended that it be used up to 3 x a day when there is any sort of flair up. The beneficial properties of aloe vera for its soothing, healing and cooling effect and calendula and gotu kola for their anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

You can buy all of these organic and natural  beauty saviours online! Please contact us if you need anymore help with our natural and organic skin care products.

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