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Why we love our skin care!

It is so important to love the products that you use daily that’s why at equilibrium we have designed products that we all absolutely love using. Our main aim was to create beautiful ranges of organic and natural skin care and body products that are easy to use, that are extremely beneficial for every skin type and to make sure that every jar and bottle are packed full of high quality organic and natural ingredients and completely free of any nasties.

So in this blog we have decided to write down all the things that we love about our products and why we do not use anything else!

Inga Oates

 Here are the reasons why our owner loves using our skin care!The skin rescue is the best all rounder, I love it for sunburn!

  1. The skin rescue is the best all rounder, I love it for sunburn!
  2. the foaming cleanser foams up like soap but does not strip my skin
  3. 3 the hydrating toning gel is my favorite as I have such dry skin and it makes such a difference under my day cream
  4. The rose restore cream has the most beautiful subtle smell of roses and is so rich.
  5. The eye gel is just so rich in nature extracts that protect the eyes


Matilda Blair

I have been using this skin care ever since I was 10 years old and I have never thought of using another skin care range. Here is why I love Equilibrium Natural Collections skin care:

  1. I know exactly what is in the skin care that I am putting on my face. Unlike over products where their ingredient list has more ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, equilibrium’s organic skin care only contains organic oils, gels, butters, essential oils & extracts.
  2. I have four products that I know will actually make my skin feel clean and refreshed and will keep my skin hydrated and soothed. My four products are, the aloe vera foaming cleanser, the skin rescue, the light facial cream & the pumice exfoliant.
  3. I have a specific beauty routine using equilibrium’s skin care that I know will keep my skin looking and feeling great all day. The best part is it usually only takes me 3 minutes morning and night!
  4. It is really reasonably priced and the organic skin care goes a long way. The skin care usually lasts two to three months because you don’t need to use a lot to get the benefits your skin needs.
  5. It is chemical free, vegan friendly, cruelty free, fragrance free and all made in Australia, these are all important to me.

Elly Kennedy

Elly used to work for us but even though she has moved on to new adventures in London she still loves to use our products!

  1. It’s entirely natural which is not only good for me but good for the planet
  2. I have my skin care routine done within 3 minutes
  3. The cleanser removes all makeup eliminating the need for harmful makeup remover
  4. Cucumber day and night cream has cleared my rosacea
  5. The cucumber cleanser will relieve sunburn, rashes, skin irritation as well as hydrating and keep my skin soft

 Holly Campbell.

Holly has been using our skin care for 8 years! These are the reasons why Holly loves our organic and natural skin care products.

  1. No hidden nasty’s – all products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals.
  2. Vast range of products, Equilibrium products catering for all aspects/parts of the body from head to toe.
  3. Ingredients are 100% natural and organic – so I know I’m not applying anything on my skin that’s going to harm it but rather acts as a natural remedy.
  4. Extremely reasonable prices for the amount of cream you receive within the beautiful packaging and the results you achieve.
  5. The results!! Equilibrium products leave my skin feeling intensely moisturised and hydrated for a clear complexion.

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